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6 tips for regaining beautiful skin


Clean and shine-free
The fashion for the “glowy” complexion, subtly moist and very sensual, does not rehabilitate the untimely shine that we have to fight at the level of the forehead, the nose, and the rim of the mouth. The latter is particularly favored by higher sweat in summer and hormonal changes related to age. It’s not easy to find the happy medium, with an effect that’s neither too matte, which hardens, nor too shiny, which feels clammy. The key is to track down excess sebum with regulating care and appropriate corrective makeup, which does not suffocate the skin’s pores. From time to time, the shine is erased by applying a mattifying powdered paper, which absorbs sebum and limits its reappearance during a makeup touch-up during the day. In combination with other active ingredients or single ingredients (jojoba, hazelnut, or sesame), certain vegetable oils can contribute to this, such as clary sage hydrosol or group B vitamins.

• Our tip: treat yourself to a detox break with a steam bath. Place your face over a bowl of hot water, with lemon essential oil added, your head covered with a towel. Stay like this for 10 minutes before sprinkling cool water on the purified face to tighten the skin’s pores.



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